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Residency permit for the purposes of employment as an au pair (non-EU)

Residency permit for the purposes of employment as an au pair (non-EU) 

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    Au pairs from most countries outside the EU or the EEA will require a visa for employment as an au pair for entry into Germany.

    Deviating regulations apply to individual countries. Citizens of the following countries can enter Germany without a visa. You must apply for a residency permit within 3 months after entering Germany:

    - Australia

    - Israel

    - Japan

    - Canada

    - New Zealand

    - Republic of South Korea

    - United States of America

    Tip: Despite this visa exemption, it is recommended that you enter Germany with a visa for employment as an au pair. Please contact the German embassy or consulate in your country to this end.

    The residency permit for employment as an au pair is valid for

    - housework in the home of your guest family and

    - child supervision.

    Care activities (e.g. care of the sick or elderly) are not permitted.

    The residency permit is valid for a maximum of one year. It may not be extended for the same purpose.

    Please note: You may only work as an au pair once you are in possession of a residency permit for employment as an au pair. The regulations for foreign workers are very strict. If you violate the regulations, this may have consequences for your rights to residency.

    - Visa for au pairs

    - Apply for electronic residency document (eAT)

    - Apply for a visa for au pairs

    Who do I have to contact?

    - Please contact the German overseas representation (embassy/ consulate) for the issue of a visa before travelling to Germany.

    - after entering Germany: the foreigners’ registration office in the district in which you normally reside.
    The foreigners’ registration authorities in Hesse are the district administrators and mayors of independent towns and of municipal towns with more than 50,000 inhabitants.

    Tip: The Foreign Office has a list on its website of the representations of the Federal Republic of Germany abroad.

    - List of representations of the Federal Republic of Germany abroad.




    Before entering Germany, you must apply for a visa for au pairs in your home country, where necessary.

    After entering Germany, you must first register your main domicile. Then you will apply in writing for the residency permit at the foreigners’ registration authorities.

    Since 01.09.2011, residency permits have been issued in the form of a card with additional electronic functions. You will find more information under “Apply for electronic residency document (eAT)”.

    The foreigners’ registrations authority is, depending on the location, either the town administration or the district administration.

    Note: The foreigners’ registration authorities will seek agreement from the Federal Employment Agency if this is required.


    Requirements for the issue of the residency permit are:

    - For those employed as au pairs:

    - that you are between 18 and 27 years of age

    - that you have basic knowledge of the German language

    - that you have

    - a valid national “Visa for au pairs”

    - a concluded au pair contract and

    - health insurance

    - that you are registered as having your main domicile with your host family

    - For host families:

    - that the host family speaks German as their native language.

    In general, at least one of the adult members of the host family must be a German citizen.
    The family may come from a German-speaking country or from a German-speaking part of a country.
    If German is spoken in the family as the family language, the employment may be approved if the au pair does not come from the home country of the guest parents. 
    Families are considered to be married couples with or without children, as well as unmarried couples or single parents with a child/children in a common household.

    - the Employment Agency has approved the employment.


    - valid passport

    - a recent passport photo

    - confirmation of registration of main domicile with the guest family

    - evidence of health insurance

    - au pair contract



    Note: The fee may be waived in exceptional circumstances only.

    Legal foundations

    - Section 4 Residence act (AufenthG) (requirements for right of residency)

    - Section 6 para. 4 Residence act (AufenthG) (National visa)

    - Section 18 Residence act (AufenthG) (Residency permit for employment)

    - Section 39 Residence act (AufenthG) (Approval by the Employment Agency)

    - Section 12 Employment regulation (BeschV) (Approval requirements for au pair employment)

    - Section 284 Volume III of the Social insurance code (SGB III) (EU work permit for citizens of the new EU member states)


    Citizens of EU member states as well as Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland do not require a residency permit for au pair work.

    Citizens of Croatia require an EU work permit from the Employment Agency for employment as an au pair.

    Processing time

    After entering Germany, you must apply for a residency permit for the purposes of employment as an au pair before your visa expires.

    Residency for family reasons

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