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Matters for displaced persons and late repatriates 

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    Displaced persons are those who, as German citizens or German nationals, had domicile in German eastern territories then under foreign administration or in the territories outside the borders of the German Reich as of 31.12.1937 and lost this in connection with the events of the Second World War due to displacement, or in particular due to expulsion or flight.

    Late repatriates are those belonging to German minorities from the states of eastern and south-eastern Europe. Because of their suffering, particularly as a result of the Second World War, the Federal Republic of Germany sees it as its historical duty to accept these people into Germany. The majority of the late repatriates come from the republics of the former Soviet Union.

    The Friedland border reception centre is the only primary reception centre in Germany for late repatriates and their family members. After arrival, they are registered by the local office of the Federal Administration Office and then allocated throughout the federal states.
    Accommodation, provision, care and redirection is the responsibility of the Friedland border reception centre


    Legal foundations
    Federal law on refugees and exiles (BVFG) 

    Change of status main/ secondary domicile

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