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Landlord confirmation form 

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    If you move into new accommodation or move out of your home, you will require confirmation of the moving in/moving out from your landlord in accordance with the Federal citizens registration act (Bundesmeldegesetz – BMG) which came into effect on 1 November 2015. You must present this to the registration office responsible for every registration and – in the event that you do not move to a new address within Germany – de-registration.

    The “landlord” is usually the owner of your accommodation. It could also be, however, a property manager authorised by the owner or, if you sub-lease your domicile, the main tenant of the accommodation.

    The confirmation by the landlord must contain the following information:

    Name and address of the landlord

    - Name and address of the owner (if the owner is not the landlord)

    - Address of the accommodation

    - Names of all persons moving into the accommodation and are therefore obliged to register, or of all persons moving out.

    - Date of moving in/ moving out, i.e. of the process subject to the duty to register



    You receive the confirmation from your landlord.

    If the respective authorities have enabled online access for this purpose, you may also submit the confirmation electronically to the registration office. In this case you will receive a so-called allocation notice (“Zuordnungsmerkmal”) from your landlord, which will be issued to him/her by the registration office.

    When you then register or de-register at this registration office, you will present either the confirmation form or the allocation notice.

    Processing time
    The landlord is obliged to issue the confirmation two weeks after moving in/ moving out at the latest.

    If the landlord refuses to provide confirmation or if it is not possible for you to obtain confirmation for other reasons, you must report this to the responsible registration authorities immediately.

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