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Registration of domicile 

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    If you move into accommodation, you must register with the authorities within two weeks after moving in.

    If the local authorities have provided internet registration for your new address, you can register online by providing the required information and by using a qualified electronic signature in compliance with the signature law.

    If for certain reasons you do not wish for your personal data to be passed on, you may object to this in some cases. If the conditions are fulfilled, you may apply for your information to be blocked and not passed on.

    See service description:

    Information blocks




    - Receipt of registration (Meldeschein) – will be issued by the local authorities on paper or as a download

    - ID card and/or passport as proof of identity and for amending the address details

    - Landlord confirmation form or appropriate allocation notice (see service description “Landlord confirmation form”)


    The following data or documentation is required in addition by

    persons moving to Germany from abroad:

    - the last address in Germany (confirmation of registration, day of moving in/ moving out)

     assisted persons:

    - written power of attorney or carer ID

     persons who cannot appear in person:

    - written power of attorney and ID documents of the person to be registered

     Spouses, life partners and family members with the same address data (date of moving as well as previous and current addresses) should use one registration form.

    - Landlord confirmation form


    Application is free of charge

    Please note that if you change your main domicile, you may have to have the address changed in other documents, for which there may be a fee.

    Legal foundations

    - Federal citizens registration act (Bundesmeldegesetz – BMG)

    Processing time

    Making sure you meet the deadlines for registering will save you unnecessary problems and trouble. 
    Late registration may be penalised with a fine.

    Landlord confirmation form

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