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Voting papers 

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    if you are registered in the electoral roll but do not want to visit the polling station on the day of the election, you can apply to the municipality for voting papers and the documentation required for a postal vote.

    You will find the application for voting papers on the back of the polling card. Many municipalities also provide an electronic application form on their websites.

    Application by email or fax is also permissible. For this purpose, the following information is required:

    - All first names

    - Surname

    - Date of birth

    - Address


    You can also apply in person at the local authorities but an application by telephone will not be accepted.

    - Postal voting

    Who do I have to contact?

    Please contact the municipal or city administration which is responsible for your (main) domicile.


    Legal foundations

    Section 4 European election law (EuWG) in connection with Section 17 para. 2 BWG

    - Section 4 European election law (EuWG) in connection with

    - Section 17 para. 2 Federal election law (BWG)

    - Section 26 European electoral ordinance (EuWO)

    - Section 17 para. 2 Federal election law (BWG)

    - Section 27 Federal electoral ordinance (BWO)

    - Section 13 para. 1 State election law (LWG)

    - Section 13 State electoral ordinance (LWO)

    - Section 9 para. 1 Municipal election law (KWG)

    - Section 17 Municipal electoral ordinance (KWO)


    If you are entitled to vote but are not registered in the electoral roll, you will receive voting papers on request

    - if you provide evidence that you missed the deadline for objection to the electoral roll through no fault of your own,

    - your right to participate in the vote first came into effect after the period of objection had expired,

    - or if your right to vote was first determined in objection or complaint procedures and the municipality was made aware of the determination after finalisation of the electoral roll.

    You can also participate at a ballot-box vote in the polling station of your choice in your electoral district using the voting papers.

    - Further information on the topic of voting can be found under wahlen.hessen.de

    Processing time

    You can apply for voting papers up to

    - 6pm for European and federal elections

    - 1pm for state or local elections two days before the election.

    In special cases, e.g. in the event of sudden, severe illness, you can apply for voting papers up to 3pm on the day of the election.

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