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Polling officers 

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    Polling officers are citizens who are eligible voters and who direct the polling process on the day of the election as the electoral chairperson and assessors in the electoral board, and determine the provisional election result in the electoral district.
    The work in an electoral board, to which members are elected by the municipal or city administration, is unpaid. It is every citizen’s duty to carry out this work when nominated to do so and it can only be refused for important reasons.

    Who do I have to contact?

    The electoral offices of the municipality or city will provide information.

    Legal foundations
    Section 4 European election law (EuWG) – in connection with Section 9 and Section 11 BWG
    Sections 6 to 9 European electoral ordinance (EuWO)

    Sections 9 to 11 Federal election law (BWG)
    Sections 6 to 9 Federal electoral ordinance (BWO)

    Sections 15 to 17 State election law (LWG)
    Sections 22 to 26 State electoral ordinance (LWO)

    Sections 6 to 6b Municipal election law (KWG)
    Section 4 Municipal electoral ordinance (KWO)

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