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    Citizens can contribute to the political decision-making process on a federal, state and municipal level by participating in elections and ballots. The direct selection of mayors and district administrators as well as the introduction of accumulation and vote-splitting have further enhanced the possibilities of citizens to make a difference.

    State elections, referendums and petitions, as well as federal and European elections are prepared by the state election commissioner and conducted with the help of the district election commissioner as well as the cities and municipalities.

    The general local elections, the direct election of the mayor and district administrators, the election of the Foreigners’ Council, as well as public referendums and petitions are, in contrast, implemented under the sole responsibility of the cities, municipalities and districts due to the constitutionally guaranteed municipal self-government.

    Who do I have to contact?

    The public announcements of the towns and municipalities will contain information on current election processes. The electoral offices there will provide further information.



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