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Proof of citizenship 

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    The possession of German citizenship is authoritively proven for all authorities by means of a proof of citizenship certificate (Staatsangehörigkeitsausweis), which is issued upon application by the citizenship authorities in the context of a special determination process.

    Who do I have to contact?

    The citizenship authorities are the district committee in the administrative districts, or the municipal council in independent cities.



    For the determination of German citizenship, it is required (but is also sufficient) to prove with sufficient probability through the presentation of certificates, extracts from the civic registers or other written evidence that you have obtained German citizenship and have not lost it again.

    The following documents may be useful:

    - Documentation regarding parentage and civic status:
    Birth or parentage certificates, marriage certificates, copies/ extracts from the family register

    - Documents regarding the acquisition of German citizenship:
    Certificates of naturalisation (“Einbürgungsurkunde”), granting certificates (“Verleihungsurkunde”), instruments of admission (“Aufnahmeurkunde”), certificates/instruments attesting that German citizenship has been acquired by means of a declaration or selection, (“Urkunde über den Erwerb der deutschen Staatsangehörigkeit
    durch Erklärung oder Option”), appointment letters for civil servants
    (“Ernennungsurkunde” bei Beamten), notice of acquisition of citizenship through service in the former German Wehrmacht and other similar organisations (“Feststellungsbescheid”).

    - Documents attesting to membership in a group of persons to which collective naturalisation was extended:
    Expellee cards (“Vertriebenenausweis”), late repatriate certificates (in accordance with Section 15 para. 1 and 2 BVFG), ethnic list IDs (“Volkslistenausweis”), certifications of ethnicity or other documents attesting to German ethnicity (“Volkstumsbescheinigung”), proof of (former) lex patriae, right of citizenship, or residence in the relevant territories, certifications on waiver of right to disclaim
    (“Bescheinigung über Verzicht auf das Ausschlagungsrecht”).

    - Documents attesting to treatment as a German without German citizenship:
    Expellee cards (“Vertriebenenausweis”), late repatriate certificates (in accordance with Section 15 para. 1 and 2 BVFG), (old) refugee status papers, registration certificates, registration confirmation papers (“Registrierscheine”) or records (“Meldebestätigung” or “Meldebescheinigungen”)

    - Documents attesting to German citizenship or to treatment as a German:
    Certificates of citizenship (“Staatsangehörigkeitsnachweise” or “Heimatsschein”), certificates/IDs attesting to legal status as a German, passports, personal IDs and other identification papers (including old ones), excerpts from (past) family registers, citizen lists, citizen directories, documents attesting to completed military service or employment as a civil servant (“Beamter”), registration records (“Meldebestätigung”), documents confirming approval to retain German citizenship

    Bring with you everything that you have. The citizenship authorities will help you to go through the documentation.


    The fee for the certificate of citizenship is €25.

    Legal foundations

    Section 30 of the Law on Citizenship (StAG)

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