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Passport – accelerate issue (Express passport) 

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    The delivery time for a passport is generally 3 – 4 weeks. If you require a passport sooner, you can apply for an Express Passport. This is usually ready to be picked up in 72 hours. Aside from the fast delivery time, it is a completely normal passport.

    - Passport

    Who do I have to contact?

    Please contact the passport office in your place of residence.

    The foreign consulates of the Federal republic of Germany designated by the Foreign Office are the responsible passport authorities abroad. Responsible there is the passport office in the district in which the applicant or passport holder usually resides.



    - Another identity document, generally your old passport and/or personal ID card, for example
    and/or a civic status certificate (e.g. birth certificate)
    that proves the identity of the applicant.

    - A current biometric photo (size 45mm x 35mm, portrait format, no frame).


    Fees are based on “Section 15 Ordinance for the implementation of the Passport Act (PassV)”.

    - Section 15 Ordinance for the implementation of the Passport Act (PassV)

    Legal foundations

    - Passport Act

    - Ordinance for the implementation of the Passport Act


    Further, detailed information on passports can be obtained from the homepage of the Ministry of the Interior and Sport for the state of Hesse and on the website of the Federal Ministry of the Interior. 

    You can also find information on USA entry conditions for German citizens on the website of the Foreign Office.

    - Information on passports

    - IDs and passports

    - USA entry conditions

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