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Apply for a disabled parking permit 

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    Severely disabled persons are issued under certain conditions with a permit to park in places where parking is usually not permitted. Those entitled to the permit may also use it as a passenger in a vehicle; your own driver’s permit is not required.

    Evidence of entitlement is the parking permit together with the written certificate of exemption, which is explained and limited by the individual exemption provisions.

    Note: The parking permit must be displayed clearly behind the windscreen of the parked vehicle and must always be accompanied by the certificate of exemption.

    "Blauer Parkausweis" or “blue parking permit” (EU-wide)

    The “Special parking permit for severely disabled persons with exceptional mobility disabilities, blind persons and severely disabled persons with bilateral amelia or phocomelia or with comparable functional limitations” on a blue background is issued as a European parking permit. It entitles the holder to park on parking spaces for the severely disabled (marked with a wheelchair symbol) in all EU member states and also provides the holder with advantages such as:
    • parking for up to 3 hours in a limited parking area (Nos. 286, 290 of the Road Traffic Act – StVO)
    • parking under certain conditions in a reduced traffic area
    • parking for up to 3 hours in a residents-only parking space

    "Oranger Parkausweis" or “orange parking permit” (Germany-wide)

    The orange “Special parking permit for special groups of severely disabled persons” provides parking advantages such as the examples listed above throughout Germany.

    Please note: This permit does not entitle the holder to park in parking spaces for the severely disabled (wheelchair symbol)

    Who do I have to contact?

    Please contact the traffic authorities responsible for your town, municipality or administrative district.

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