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Welcome to Dreieich

Welcome to Dreieich

The town of Dreieich greets our new citizens with a welcome package.
When you register, you’ll receive your personal welcome package from us. In it, you’ll find a “Dreieich town guide” as well as a voucher booklet with welcome discounts for dining and shopping at selected retailers in Dreieich. You’ll also find a voucher for your first visit to the Dreieich swimming pools and a free tour of the town. Don’t forget: In Germany you have an obligation to register with the authorities. To register a new address or a change in address, as well as to de-register when moving abroad, you will need to bring your ID card or passport/children’s passport and the filled-out confirmation form from your landlord. You are required to come to the citizens’ office in person.
  • Town tour

    We’ll show you Dreieich. Or rather, you’ll be guided by alderman Heinz-Georg Stöhs, who knows Dreieich like the back of his hand, through our beautiful and multifaceted town. During a three-hour tour in a minibus, the Sprendlingen native will have interesting stories about the history of Dreieich for you as well as many valuable tips.

    Would you like to register now for the town tour?


  • The most important matters for the local authorities

  • Personal checklist from A-Z

    • Notify employee of new address
    • Notify subscription services of new address
    • Transfer registration of car/ motorbike to new address
    • Notify bank of new address
    • Apply for residents’ parking permit
    • Put name on letterbox
    • Notify tax office of new address
    • Invite friends, family and neighbours to visit your new home
    • Get handymen in
    • Notify your mobile phone provider of new address
    • Read house regulations, obtain cleaning rota
    • Hand in notice/ apply to nursery school
    • Buy packing boxes
    • Notify health insurance of new address
    • Find out refuse collection dates, collect bin bags
    • Register or de-register rubbish bins as house-owner
    • Inform neighbours that you are moving
    • Have passport and personal ID card amended
    • Apply for forwarding service at the postal provider
    • Register new address with the TV/radio licence body
    • Hand in notice/ apply to school
    • Notify SEPA direct debit service of new address
    • Register/de-register taxes and fees as house-owner
    • Register/de-register with electricity, gas and water suppliers
    • Register/de-register with telephone company
    • Install and put name on doorbell/ doorplate
    • Handover/ take possession of apartment
    • Apply for leave from work for the move
    • Notify insurance of new address
    • Register/de-register your domicile
    • Cancel/ amend newspapers, magazines, etc.
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A tour through Dreieich – first impressions of the town... | © Stadtfernsehen Dreieich

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