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Taxes and fees

Taxes and fees

Taxes and fees are determined in Dreieich on the basis of the applicable municipal law. The municipal law is a collection of the most important provisions applicable to the town, including statutes, ordinances, regulations, contracts, agreements, administrative regulations and tariffs.
This collection is continuously extended and updated by the town administration. Please note that the information provided is non-binding. The Dreieich administration is not liable for any inaccuracies. In the case of deviation from the official notices by the Dreieich administration in the Offenbach Post, these are definitive.
  • Taxes

    Trade tax: 370 %
    Property tax A: 500 %
    Property tax B: 500 %
  • Information on ancillary costs

    An important location factor for inhabitants and companies in Dreieich are running costs such as energy, waste water, refuse collection and rents. Stadtwerke Dreieich (public utilities) are well-positioned in comparison to other providers for electricity, gas and water.
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