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Location factors

Location factors

With more than 42,000 inhabitants, Dreieich is the second-largest town and an important business location in the Offenbach district. Compared to the rest of Germany, the local population have a high purchasing power.
A high educational level in the labour force, the region’s excellent infrastructure and the broad range of cultural offerings provide the town of Dreieich with its many positive location factors. Here you’ll find a selection of the most important in overview.
  • Business location

    Dreieich – an attractive business location in the Rhein-Main area. Move here and you’re in good company. The town is the headquarters for numerous national and international companies. It maintains its strong SME base and for many years has been a good home to a large number of craft industries. Over 150 high-tech companies focus above all on future-proof industries such as information and communication technology or biotechnology. But retail and banking also flourishes in the neighbourhood of the financial mecca of Frankfurt, and international games manufacturers take advantage of the excellent infrastructure.
  • Central location

    Dreieich is positioned in the centre of one of the economically strongest regions in Europe. From here, the cities of Frankfurt am Main, Offenbach am Main and Darmstadt, as well as the Frankfurt and Rhein-Main international airports, are just a few minutes away. The transport network is remarkably well-developed and maintained. The town is connected to the A 3, A 5 and A 661 motorways as well as to the regional and inter-regional public transport networks. Although in the very heart of the Rhein-Main region, Dreieich is characterised by its relaxed atmosphere and an attractive environment.
  • Commercial spaces

    Dreieich offers a unique combination of development potential and economic foresight. Compared to the cities in the region, the taxes and commercial rents are considerably lower here. The location allows for stress-free commuting and a relaxed parking situation. A wide range of commercial sites and spaces is available in terms of location, size and equipment. Developed commercial properties from 150m² up to 10,000 m² are available and developed commercial reserve areas provide for construction investment and the establishment of whole production plants and companies.
  • Education and training

    The educational and child-care services in Dreieich are the most comprehensive in the Offenbach district. The town provides many nurseries and all school forms, and with the “Haus des Lebenslangen Lernens” (House of life-long learning) and the educational facilities located there (vocational college, music school, adult education centre), as well as an international school and an evening school, the offerings are far beyond the usual. The proximity to universities in Frankfurt, Darmstadt, Wiesbaden, Heidelberg and Mainz also guarantees new generations of highly-qualified specialist and management employees. Last but not least, venues in the town provide for the holding of conventions and conferences.
  • Quality of life

    In many aspects, Dreieich is a liveable town. Not only do you live and work here in the proximity of a genuine “big city”, but you can also enjoy the advantages of a tranquil cultural landscape with plenty of history and restful nature. The five districts of Dreieich have something to offer every taste: attractive shopping, a rich cultural offering, possibilities for sport and leisure and, of course, an excellent living environment. The Dreieich locals are open-hearted and there are many occasions to get together. Finally, the varied gastronomy and excellent hotels and guesthouses paired with the beautiful Old Town entice visitors to Dreieich from all over the world.

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