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Commercial & development space

Commercial & development space

Thanks to its five industrial estates, Dreieich offers a wide range of commercial premises and construction sites. The areas are optimally connected to the existing infrastructure and the properties provide many possibilities thanks to their excellent locations, functional architecture and available equipment.

A huge advantage in this are the low costs, since Dreieich charges significantly lower rates of tax compared to the surrounding cities in the region, the commercial rents are moderate and the Dreieich public utilities company offers special conditions for large customers.

The purchase of commercial property can also be to your advantage. After all, 230,000m² of space is available for construction and, due to the excellent connections to the public transport system, motorways and the Rhein-Main airport, is very interesting for all branches of industry. The already developed commercial reserve spaces allow for construction investment and the and the establishment of whole production plants and companies.

If you are looking for suitable office, service, warehouse pr development space in Dreieich, please feel free to contact the town’s industrial development department at any time. We can help locate commercial premises quickly, even in the town centre. We will be happy to put you in touch with providers of commercial space in Dreieich. This is also the right place to be if you would like to sell or lease commercial properties or sites in Dreieich. We’re happy to offer you support!

  • Buchschlag industrial estate

    At the western edge of the town, situated directly beside the Dreieich-Buchschlag train station, is the Buchschlag industrial estate, which still has structural potential for development.
  • Dreieichenhain industrial estate

    Located centrally and easily reachable by public transport, a variety of companies have their premises in the Dreieichenhain industrial estate.
  • Götzenhain industrial estate

    The Götzenhain industrial estate lies in the east of the town district of Götzenhain and can be reached easily with the Dreieich railway. There are also commercial reserve areas in the western part of Götzenhain.
  • Offenthal industrial estate

    In the very south of the town is the Offenthal industrial estate, with connections to the Dreieich railway and with further potential for development pursuant to Section 34 BauGB (Federal Building Code).
  • Sprendlingen industrial estate

    The Sprendlingen industrial estate in the very north of the town has its very own motorway exit. The developed industrial estate has various sites of between 2,000 and 30,000 m2 available.

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