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Visa for au pairs 

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    For entrance into Germany, au pairs will require a national visa in most cases, which permits the undertaking of this type of employment.

    Depending on citizenship, entry into Germany can be made easier for au pairs.

    No visa is required by:

    - Au pairs who are citizens of the EU.

    - Citizens of the EU member states Romania and Bulgaria. However, they require an EU work permit from the Federal Employment Agency for employment until the end of 2013.

    - Au pairs who are citizens of the following countries:

    - Australia, Israel, Japan, Canada, Republic of South Korea, New Zealand and the United States of America

    - They must, however, apply for a residency permit with the foreigners’ registration authorities responsible for their place of domicile within three months of arriving in Germany.

    Au pairs who are citizens of Switzerland do not require a visa to enter Germany due to the freedom of movement agreement between the EU member states and Switzerland.

    Further information can be found in the procedural description:

    - Apply for a national visa

    - Apply for an au pair residency permit (non-EU/EEA)

    Note: Employment as an au pair may not be for longer than one year.
    Residency as an au pair in Germany is not the same as residency as a tourist or visitor. Residency as a tourist or visitor is always limited to three months in a half year at the most. Employment may in general not be taken up during a residency as a tourist, even employment as an au pair.

    - Employment as an au pair – applying for a residency permit (EU)

    - Residency permit for the purposes of employment as an au pair (non-EU)

    - National visa (entering Germany)

    Who do I have to contact?

    You can apply for the visa at the German representation (embassy, consulate) in your home country, in the region you normally reside.


    You will find an overview of German representations overseas, including contact addresses and telephone numbers, on the website of the Foreign Ministry.

    - List of representations of the Federal Republic of Germany abroad.



    You must apply for the residency permit applicable to you (national visa, residency permit, EU work permit) using the appropriate form below. Responsible, depending on the type of residency permit, are the German representations abroad (embassy, consulate), the local foreigners’ registration authorities in Germany in the place where you want to work, or the Federal Employment Agency.

    The German host family for whom you want to work as an au pair should also be already known to you in any case. You can obtain the forms for visa application, free of charge and in the local language, from the responsible German representation overseas.

    For other residency documents, the necessary forms can be obtained from the responsible office. Details on the procedure in each case can be found in the procedure descriptions above.

    Tip: You will find visa application forms in several languages as well as further information on the website of the Foreign Ministry.


    - Invitation letter from the German host family

    - Passport (and maybe a copy of the passport)

    - Contract with the mediation agency in Germany or a contract with the host family (au pair contract)

    Note: Further documentation may be required. Please contact the German embassy/consulate relevant to you.


    Fees depend on the type of residency permit

    Legal foundations

    - Section 6 para. 4 Residence act (AufenthG) (National visa)

    - Section 31 Residency ordinance (AufenthV) (Approval by foreigners’ registration authorities for issue of visa)

    - Section 41 Residency ordinance (AufenthV) (Entry without visa)

    - Section 12 Employment regulation (BeschV) Au pair work

    - Section 2 EU law on freedom of movement (FreizügG/EU) (Freedom of movement, entry and residency without visa)

    Processing time

    Apply as far in advance as possible

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