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Polling cards 

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    The polling cards inform the voter that they are on the polling list, for example, where they can vote and if their polling station is accessible for those with disabilities. The municipalities send out the polling cards, which must be received by the voters 21 days at the latest before the election. An application for postal voting or the issue of voting papers is printed on the back of the card. If the application for voting papers is to be sent to the voting office by post, it must have sufficient postage attached.

    The polling card should be taken with you when you go to vote so that the electoral board can find you on the electoral roll more quickly.

    If you have misplaced or lost your polling card, you can still vote. In this case, however, please remember to bring your ID card or passport with you to the polling station.

    - Voting papers

    - Postal voting

    - Apply for registration in the electoral roll

    Who do I have to contact?

    Please contact the municipal or city administration which is responsible for your (main) domicile.


    Legal foundations

    - Section 18 European electoral ordinance (EuWO) – notification of voters

    - Section 19 Federal electoral ordinance (BWO) – notification of voters

    - Section 6 State electoral ordinance (LWO) – notification of voters

    - Section 10 Municipal electoral ordinance (KWO) – notification of voters

    Processing time

    Do you assume that you are eligible to vote but still have not received a polling card 21 days before an election? In this case, please contact the responsible municipality up to 16 days before the election and ask if you are registered on the electoral roll.

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