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Examination qualification certificate (“Untersuchungsberechtigungsschein”)

Examination qualification certificate (“Untersuchungsberechtigungsschein”) 

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    If you are not yet 18 years old and want to start working, you are required to undergo medical examination (Jungendarbeitsschutzuntersuchung – examination for the protection of young people at work). Without this examination, employers are not permitted to employ young people.

    For this, you need

    - an examination qualification certificate
    (serves as an invoicing document and must be handed in to the examining doctor)

    - and a data form
    (serves to represent the current physical and psychological status, and must be completed and presented to the examining doctor).

    Who do I have to contact?

    You can get the examination qualification certificate from the registration office responsible for your main domicile.
    You are free to choose the examining doctor.
    The costs of the medical examination are borne by the state if your main domicile is in Hesse.

    Personal ID card or passport, or child ID, if available.


    Legal foundations
    Law on protecting young people at work (JArbschG)

    The requirement to undergo an examination for the protection of young people at work does not apply for light work in the short term or for not longer than two months when there is no risk to the health of the young person. These conditions are usually fulfilled by work during the school holidays.

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