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Confirmation of registration 

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    You will receive official confirmation of registration when you register or de-register your main or secondary domicile with the registration office responsible for that address. It is free of charge and serves as evidence of registration or de-register.


    Who do I have to contact?

    Get in touch with the registration office (“Meldebehörde”, once known in general as the “Einwohnermeldeamt”) in your municipality or town.



    - Registration receipt
    The registration office will usually have this for you.
    Many offices also make this available as a download from the internet. (The registration office can also collect the necessary data for direct inclusion in the automated process.)

    - ID card/ passport


    Legal foundations

    - Section 1 para. 1 Framework registration act (Melderechtsrahmengesetz – MRRG)

    - Section 11 Framework registration act (MRRG)


    You can also apply for the following certificates at your registration office:

    - Registration certificate (See service description)

    - Registration certificate

    Apply for permanent residency

    Residence documents (visa, residence permit, permanent residency permit, EU permit for permanent residency)
    Permanent residency for highly-qualified persons

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