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    Since 1 November 2007, children’s passports have been issued for a validity period of six years. This may be extended but only to a maximum validity of up to the child’s 12th birthday.

    Children’s passports issued before 1 November 2007 were issued with validity up to the 10th birthday with the option to extend this up to the 16th birthday. These passports remain valid even after 1 November 2007 until the expiry of their validity period.

    Children’s passports that were issued before 1 November 2007 and are valid until the child’s 10th birthday, can be extended until the child’s 12th birthday.

    An extension of the period of validity of a child’s passport is only possible before the period of validity expires. Once the period of validity expires, the passport is no longer valid. In this case, a new passport must be issued.

    Electronic passports are issued for children of 12 years and older. Electronic passports may also be issued for children under the age of 12 on request by their parents. Fingerprints are first taken when the child is six years old.
    The so-called “Kinderausweise” ID cards have no longer been issued since 1 January 2006 but these retain their validity. These Kinderausweise may not be extended.

    Who do I have to contact?

    Please contact the passport and personal ID office in your town or municipality.

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